Krebs (Citric Acid) Cycle Steps by Steps Explanation

Krebs (Citric Acid) Cycle Steps by Steps Explanation

It is also known as TriCarboxylic Acid (TCA) cycle. In prokaryotic cells, the citric acid cycle occurs in the cytoplasm; in eukaryotic cells, the citric acid cycle takes place in the matrix of the mitochondria.  The cycle was first elucidated by scientist “Sir Hans Adolf Krebs” … Read more

Glycolysis Explained in 10 Easy Steps

Glycolysis- 10 steps explained steps by steps with diagram

Glycolysis is the metabolic process that serves as the foundation for both aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration. In glycolysis, glucose is converted into pyruvate. Glucose is a six- memebered ring molecule found in the blood and is usually a result of the breakdown of carbohydrates into … Read more

Types of Crystals in Urine

Calcium carbonate crystals

Uric acid crystals invariably form in acidic urine, typically with a urine pH < 5.5. Uric acid is soluble in alkaline urine, preventing the precipitation of urate crystals. The inability of uric acid to crystallize at urine pH > 7.0 is the rationale for urinary alkalinization in patients at … Read more