Biochemical Test and Identification of Streptococcus mutans

Basic CharacteristicsProperties (Streptococcus mutans)
CatalaseNegative (-ve)
Gram StainingPositive (+ve)
HemolysisAlfa Hemolysis
OF (Oxidative-Fermentative)Facultative anaerobes
OxidaseNegative (-ve)
UreaseNegative (-ve)
VP (Voges Proskauer)Positive (+ve)
Fermentation of
AdonitolNegative (-ve)
ArabinoseNegative (-ve)
ArbutinPositive (+ve)
CellobiosePositive (+ve)
DulcitolNegative (-ve)
ErythritolNegative (-ve)
GalactosePositive (+ve)
GlucosePositive (+ve)
GlycerolNegative (-ve)
GlycogenNegative (-ve)
HippurateNegative (-ve)
InositolNegative (-ve)
InulinPositive (+ve)
LactosePositive (+ve)
MaltosePositive (+ve)
MannitolPositive (+ve)
MannosePositive (+ve)
RaffinosePositive (+ve)
RhamnoseNegative (-ve)
RiboseNegative (-ve)
SalicinPositive (+ve)
SorbitolPositive (+ve)
StarchNegative (-ve)
SucrosePositive (+ve)
TrehalosePositive (+ve)
XyloseNegative (-ve)
Enzymatic Reactions
Alkaline PhosphataseNegative (-ve)
Arginine DehydrolaseNegative (-ve)
Esculin HydrolysisPositive (+ve)
HyalurodinaseNegative (-ve)
NeuraminidaseNegative (-ve)

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    please can you give me any information for streptococcus mutans.(isolation .charactrestic. biochemical test . habitat .pathogenicity ) I’m doing research on dental caries profile of bacteria woud you drop to my email other additional biochemical tests of those cause dental caries??
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