Difference between Arteries and Veins

1.Blood CirculationArteries carry blood away from the heart to the tissues of the body.Veins carry blood from the tissues of the body back to the heart.
2.Blood TypeArteries carry oxygenated blood except pulmonary artery.Veins carry deoxygenated blood except pulmonary vein.
3.ThicknessArteries have thick elastic muscular walls.Veins have thin non elastic less muscular walls.
4.PositionArteries are usually positioned deeper within the body.Veins are usually positioned closer beneath the surface of the skin.
5.ValvesValves are absent.Valves are present.
6.LumenThese possess narrow lumen.These possess wide lumen
7.PressureBlood flows under high pressure.Blood flows under low pressure.
8.ColorThese are reddish in color.These are bluish in color.
9.TypesPulmonary and systemic arteries.Superficial veins, deep veins, pulmonary veins and systemic veins.
10.Internal DiameterNarrower (4mm)Wider (5mm)
11.VolumeLow (15%)High (65%)
12.MovementThese show spurty movement of blood giving pulse.These show sluggish movement of blood.
13.PulsePulse is detectable in the arteries.Pulse not detectable in the veins.
14.WallsArterial walls are more rigid.Veins have collapsible walls.
15.Thickest layerTunica mediaTunica adventitia
16.Time of DeathArteries empty up at the time of death.Veins get filled up at time of death.
17.Oxygen levelOxygen levels is quite high in arterial blood.Oxygen level is low comparatively.
18.Carbon-dioxide levelCO2 level is low in arterial blood.CO2 level is high in venous blood.
19.Injury to the Blood VesselSquirting bloodPooling of blood
20.Contraction of musclePresentAbsent
21.DiseasesAtherosclerosis, Angina Pectoris, Artherogenesis- myocardial ischemia.Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins.

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