Difference between Replication and Transcription






1. Definition DNA replication is the process of making two daughter strand where each daughter strand contains half of the original DNA double helix. Transcription is the process of synthesis of RNA using DNA as a template.
2. Purpose To conserve the entire genome for next generation. To make RNA copies of individual genes.
3. Enzymes Required DNA Helicase, DNA Polymerase Transcriptase (type of DNA Helicase), RNA polymerase
4. Occurrence Occurs in the S phase of cell cycle. Occurs in the G1 and G2 phases of cell cycle.
5. Raw Materials dATP, dGTP, dTTP and dCTP serve as raw materials. ATP, UTP, GTP and CTP serve as raw materials.
6. Occurrence Occurs along the strands of DNA. Occurs along one strand of DNA.
7. Occurrence Occurs in preparation for cell division. Occurs in preparation for protein translation.
8. Bond Replicated DNA strand remains hydrogen bonded to its template DNA strand. Transcribed RNA strand separates from its DNA template strand.
9. Primers It require RNA primer to start replication. No primer is required to start.
10. Products Two Daughter Strands mRNA, tRNA, rRNA and non-coding RNA( like microRNA)
11. Products Products remain within nucleus. Greater part of the product passes from nucleus into the cytoplasm.
12. Products Products are not degraded. Products are degraded after their function of over.
13. Copying It involves copying of the entire genome. It involves copying of certain individual genes only.
14. Unwinding and Splitting It involves unwinding and splitting of the entire DNA molecule. It involves unwinding and splitting of only those genes which are to be transcribed.
15. Processing It produces normal DNA molecules that do not need any processing. It produces primary RNA transcript molecule which needs processing to acquire final form and size.


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