Differences Between Red Blood Cells (RBC) and White Blood Cells (WBC)

Red Blood Cells/ Corpuscles (RBC) are also called “Erythrocytes” while White Blood Cells/ Corpuscles (WBC) are also called “Leukocytes”.

Some of the differences between Red Blood Cells/ Corpuscles (RBC) and White Blood Cells/ Corpuscles (WBC) are as follows:



Red Blood Cells/ Corpuscles (RBC)

White Blood Cells/ Corpuscles (WBC)

1 Also called Also called “Erythrocytes” Also called “Leukocytes”
2 Origin They are produced in red bone marrow. Mostly bone marrow, also produced in lymph nodes, spleen, etc.
3 Nucleus Nucleus Absent Nucleus Present
4 Size Smaller than WBCs, 7.5µm Larger than RBCs, 15µm
5 Color Filled with hemoglobin (Red) Colorless, No Pigment
6 Production 2 million RBCs per second Fewer WBC than RBCs
7 Life Span RBCs have an average lifespan of 120 days WBCs live anywhere from a few days (5-21 days)
8 Number 5 million RBCs in every cubic mm of blood 3,000 – 7,000 WBCs in every cubic mm of blood
9 Number Increments Number increases during exercises and high altitudes Number increases during infection
10 Process of Formation Formation of RBC is called “Erythropoiesis” Formation of WBS is called “Leucopoiesis”
11 Shape Circular, Biconcave Rounded and Amoeboid, Irregular
12 Motility Non-Motile Generally Motile
13 Movement Doesn’t leaves Blood Vessels Come out of blood Capillaries
14 Rouleaux Formation Form stacks called Rouleaux Rouleaux formation absent
15 Types One Type Five Types
16 Circulatory system Cardiovascular system Cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.
17 Function Transport of Respiratory Gases (Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide) Defense Mechanisms

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  1. Why does Red blood cells have a longer lifespan as compared to white blood cells though the red blood cells lose their nucleus but white blood cells do not?

  2. Hello,
    does WBC types are 5 or 6?
    Lymphocytes, Monocytes , Granulocytes , Neutrophils , Eosinophils and Basophils
    Am I wrong?

  3. do size of rbc’s vary with the size of the person, so that thin and short person has smaller rbc and big person has bigger one

  4. Hello,

    Please try to compile some study material related to agriculture microbiology specially for ARS NET Preparation. It will help to various aspirants for preparation. Please, Its my request, because most of available books are misguiding with lot of errors. I appreciate your efforts being specific for topics.

  5. Note that when the spleen has been removed, red blood cells will sometimes show a nucleus. And also in certain Hematologic disorders which affect the rigidity of the cell membrane. The nucleus is lost so that the RBC can pass through tiny blood vessels.

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