Difference between Anthrax Bacilli and Anthracoid Bacilli

S.N.CharacteristicsAnthrax BacilliAnthracoid Bacilli
1.MotilityNon-MotileGenerally Motile
3.ShapeGrow in long chainsGrow in short chains
4.Medusa Head ColonyPresentNot Present
5.Growth in Penicillin Agar (10 units/ml)No GrowthGrow Usually
6.HemolysisHemolysis absent or weak.Usually well marked
7.Gelatin LiquefactionSlow Gelatin LiquefactionRapid Gelatin Liquefaction
8.TurbidityNo Turbidity in brothTurbidity usually
9.Salicin FermentationNegativeUsually Positive
10.Growth at 45°CNo GrowthGrows usually
11.Chloral HydrateGrowth inhibited by  Chloral HydrateNot Inhibited
12.Gamma PhageSusceptible to gamma phageNot susceptible
13.PathogenesisPathogenic to laboratory animalsNot pathogenic

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